CompendiumLD is being developed as part of the Open University Learning Design initiative, and is currently funded by the Open University and JISC. The team behind CompendiumLD is listed here.

The source code of CompendiumLD is available under the GNU Lesser General Public (LGPL) license, version 3. We have not yet set up a distribiution site, but if you want the code please contact Andrew Brasher.
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Please contact Andrew Brasher if you have any questions about CompendiumLD.


We considered various drawing packages, as well as more specialised mind mapping tools (such as Inspiration and MindManager). In the end we choose to use Compendium, a visual representation tool, originally developed for enabling group argumentation, which was produced by researchers at our own institution. We selected Compendium for a number of reasons:

  • It was produced at the Open University, we felt there was more opportunity for further tool development specifically in terms of learning design requirements.
  • Compendium supports the creation of a range of visual mapping techniques, including mind maps, concept maps, web maps and argumentation maps which we felt offered the potential for a range of flexible approaches to the design process.
  • The source code was available under an open source licence.

CompendiumLD is a specialised version of Compendium, the mind mapping or argumentation software that provides a default set of icons for creating maps to visualise the connections between ideas. All the facilities provided by Compendium are included within CompendiumLD.


The history of changes to CompendiumLD: a description of the different versions released between March 2009 to May 2010.

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