The history of changes made to CompendiumLD, release-by-release over the period March 2009 to March 2011:

Version 1.13 - Version 1.0 - Version 0.98 - Version 0.95 - Version 0.75 - Version 0.66

CompendiumLD version 1.13 | 2011-03-04 09:26:29 GMT

CompendiumLD version 1.13 released  for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Bugs fixed related to task timing, cutting and pasting of nodes, scaling of learning design nodes, dragging and and dropping of image files
  • Link colours now described by colour names (red, green etc.) instead of link types (responds to, supports etc.))
  • Option to export SVG introduced, but the SVG is a single level only, and is a visual but not semantic representation of the maps contents.

CompendiumLD version 1.0 | 2010-05-05 16:55:37 BST

CompendiumLD version 1.0 released  for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Export of XML files conforming to the standard Compendium DTD enabled via the ‘Export to XML option’.  Un-tick the ‘Include learning design timing data’ to export a standard Compendium XML file which can be imported into other versions of Compendium. These  files will not include learning design timing information.
  • ‘How do I get started with CompendiumLD?’  map edited so that it links to HTML tutorials rather than pdfs.

CompendiumLD version 0.98 | 2010-03-26 17:21:22 GMT

CompendiumLD version 0.98 released for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Learning design stencil edited and reduced to a set of four stencils: LD-OU (core learning design stencil),  LD-CONDITIONAL (to add conditions and different pathways to a learning design), Sequence mapping (a stencil to help with laying out of learning activities), Approaches to LD (examples of approaches to learning design, each map shows a different approach to the design process)
  • Bug in new link drawing code fixed: export as Jpg and HTML now works correctly.
  • Bug fixed in show/hide task times (called via menu option)
  • Help menu changed to refer to online help movies page

CompendiumLD version 0.95 | 2010-01-28 13:08:51 GMT

CompendiumLDv0.95 for Windows and Mac released.

  • New learning design node icons introduced for the activity, conditional and task sequence/swim-lane stencils
  • Link drawing improved: links now start and stop very close to the node icons, and move around node  indicators (e.g. the label, wieight, timing, detail and transclusion indicators).
  • Activity and task timing information is not shown by default. Now need to right click in an activity and select 'Show task times' to display it.
  • New welcome map introduced ‘How do I get started with CompendiumLD?’
  • When projects are created, the nominated user is made the default user
  • LD help – activities found now created transclusions of existing activities
  • Small icon display fixed.  To show a small icon for an individual node, select the node and click the button on the node format toolbar. To create  small icons by default select the menu option :Tools->Project Options->Node Extras ->'Use small icon'. Note that once you select this option, small icons will be created until you deselect it.
  • Change learning design node type menu introduced.
  • Paste and paste special menu options introduced – copying and pasting works similarly to other applications, except for activity nodes.
  • Menus changed so that menu options used less frequently by most users are hidden by default
  • Inbox removed from home window
  • Introduced  menu options to import and export learning design files
  • Bug fixed in Aerial view

CompendiumLD version 0.75 released | 2009-10-15 10:55:41 BST

CompendiumLDv075 released for .Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Activity menu simplified to show just these options: align, arrange, copy, cut, paste, import, export, show task times.
  • Timing data is now displayed to 2 decimal places so fractions of a day or hour are correctly shown.
  • Import and export of timing data for learning activity maps is now included in the XML export option
  • Fix of bugs to zoom in and out of learning design activity maps
  • Changes to fix HTML web maps export so that HTML works in Firefox, internet Explorer and other browsers

CompendiumLD version 0.66 released for Windows | 2009-03-20 15:18:52 GMT

CompendiumLDv0.66 released for .Windows only.

  • Introduce show/hide timing info menu option
  • XML import and XML options include learning design activity maps but not the timing data

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