Getting Started

This page is intended to get you started quickly. It describes how to install CompendiumLD and gives a brief introduction to using it.

If you want a more detailed guide, please have a look at these tutorials.

System requirements

CompendiumLD is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. For more details, full system requirements are described in the read me file which is also included in the insallation directory when CompendiumLD is installed.

Installing CompendiumLD

To install CompendiumLD, first download the installer, then run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.  Note that this process should take about 5 minutes on the OU network or equivalent fast connection. You will need an additional 5 mins and be prompted to restart your machine if you have not previously installed Java version 5 (or above).

Creating a CompendiumLD project

After you have installed CompendiumLD, the first time you run it you will be prompted to create a project to store your designs. We suggest you use the following guidelines to fill in the required information

Project Name: anything you like (e.g. Fred’s learning designs)
Make this your default project:  if you tick this, CompendiumLD will always select this project to be opened when it starts. We suggest you tick this box.
Make the user below the default user: this user will be the one whose details are used by default  to open projects. We suggest you tick this box.
Author name: your name
Description: Anything you like, leave blank if you want
Login name: for OU staff and ALs - your OUCU, for other people - anything you like!
Password: anything you like, but for OU staff we recommend that for this prototype you do not use your OU password if you are using CompendiumLD on a non-OU machine, i.e. a machine to which access is not enabled by your OUCU/password combination.

Once you have completed all the fields, press the 'Create' button and a new project will be created and some default data loaded in.  You will then be presented with the project login dialog and if you have chosen a default project and user as suggested above you will be able to click 'OK' to login to that project and begin using CompendiumLD.

Using CompendiumLD

This slide show describes how to use CompendiumLD, and is best viewed in full screen mode. It contains two movies.

See also our 2-page user guide that explains some of the key features of the package. Some other material which may be helpful is available in the documentation area of this web site.

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